I recently put together a video tutorial for a distance student, showing them how to record their presentation to video using only PowerPoint. The student was going to be unavailable to present when class was live, and needed to record the presentation in advance of the class period.

Within PowerPoint there are many tools available, sometimes too many, and you miss out on some really cool features.

In the a bove video tutorial, I'll show how you can record your presentation, then convert it to a Windows Media Video (wmv), and all within PowerPoint. As an added bonus, I quickly highlight that you can go back and re-record audio for certain slides or trim audio clips if need be.

THIS IS NOT the Record Narration option, which produces badly compressed audio, but an option which records very clean audio (decent equipment and atmosphere withstanding). This video was made using the techniques covered in the video.

The export to .wmv option is only available in PowerPoint 2010 or higher. In version 2013, you also have an .mp4 option as well.

Mac users please note.
The student I was aiding by making this video was using PowerPoint for Mac, and you cannot Save As a .wmv, but rather a .mov. But even then, the audio you recorded will not be embedded into the .mov file. Due to time restraints, I didn't troubleshoot much, and had the student quickly upload it to Google Docs with the conversion tool off, and share it with me. I then downloaded the .pptx file and converted it to .wmv myself for him. I'm not currently aware if it is possible to keep the embedded audio using this technique while converting to .mov on a Mac. If anybody knows otherwise, please let me know in the comments, and I'll check it out and update this post.

If you have any questions about this video, please let me know.