Helpful Hints

  • We suggest you assign a person in your group to send requests.  That way there are no multiple requests for the same group.
  • Please know what section you are in.  Some semesters have multiple sections.
    Sample DIS and DIB
  • Notice how they are the same class but different sections, DIS or DIB.  To see what class you are in, you can find it on our Access Course page.
  • Please send requests 24 hrs in advance.  We try to get your meeting requests filled out as soon as possible but circumstances may prevent us from doing so.
  • Want to host your own meetings?  The group leader can send an email to asking for a student Webex host account.  Must agree with terms.
  • We do NOT have weekend hours.  Please send your weekend requests by 4:30pm CT on Friday.
  • We are NOT here during national holidays.  Please send requests ahead of time.

 We at the VCC are here to help and by following these helpful hints you can assist us in providing you will effective service.

Webex/Telecon Request Form