Comprehensive Exam/Dissertation Defense Services

Comprehensive Exam and Dissertation Defense

If you have a remote committee member and would like to use the Video Communications Center (VCC) services be advised, we no longer cover charges for Comprehensive Exams and Dissertation Defenses for on-campus student.  On campus students will be charged for VCC room usage and other services provided by the VCC.  There are ways to do this for free that are listed at the bottom of the page.



VCC Studio Classroom

The cost of room use is $60 an hour for basic use with no recording.  If you want full production, it is $120 an hour.

Also note semesters vary and we must make distance classes a priority.  The only room available might only fit six people.


Google Apps for Education has many options including Google Hangouts

GroupMe App - Instructions

Zoom - Offers free meetings (time limit is 40 minutes)

Adobe Connect - Online meeting tool offered thru EdTech (

Skype - free video and audio tool for virtual meetings

Free WebEx - Offers meetings for up to 3 people per meeting