Comprehensive Exam/Dissertation Defense Services

Comprehensive Exam and Dissertation Defense

If you have a remote committee member and would like to use the Video Communications Center (VCC) services be advised, we no longer cover charges for Comprehensive Exams and Dissertation Defenses for on-campus student.  On campus students will be charged for Webex usage and VCC room usage.  There are ways to do this for free that are listed at the bottom of the page.


The cost is around $5 per person per hour.

    (Charges vary due to phone or voip usage.)

Meaning if there are three people in the meeting:

$5x3=$15 per hour (about)

We ask that you test with us before the event.  The cost to test is $30 an hour. (Usually testing doesn’t last long but we charge minimum $15.)  

You can reserve a conference room and use VCC’s Webex.  You would only be charged for Webex usage.

VCC Room

The cost of room use is $60 an hour for basic use with no recording.  If you want full production, it is $120 an hour.

Also note semesters vary and we must make distance classes a priority.  The only room available might only fit six people.


If you want a recording, we offer mp4 format.


Download mp4: $13.53

Comprehensive Exam and Dissertation Defense Request Form

Your WebEx Meetings Free plan includes:

  • 3 people per meeting

  • 1 host license

  • VoIP audio connection (Internet)

  • Sharing of desktop, whiteboard and documents

  • Standard-quality video

  • 250 MB of storage

  • Video from multiple webcams

  • Collaboration tools like commenting, real-time annotation, and chat

  • Secure, shared Meeting Spaces with file sharing, comments, and IM

  • Meeting recordings to share or review

  • Integrated audio with Active Speaker so you know who's talking

  • Delivery over the Cisco Collaboration Cloud for exceptional reliability and enterprise-grade security

Adobe Connect is an online meeting tool that Educational Technology uses as an online classroom. If you are interested in using Adobe Connect, please contact EdTech at  to initialize the process.