distance education production package rates

The VCC produces full semester courses in our Studio Classrooms on the S&T Campus as well as the Global- St. Louis campus.

Types of production vary depending on need. 
Pricing and descriptions are below.

Distance Education Production Package rates

Type of room  

full production classrooms:

(LIB G-14, 316, EECH 239, CE 213, MCN 130, TMH 260, FUL 107, CSCI 209) 

  all VCC - maintained rooms 
Type of distance ed. production  full production  basic 2-way remote  multimedia use only  Zoom-only, non-dist. ed. classroom room use only 
Typical examples   Sys. Eng. course  Remote instr. for a MS&T class non-broadcast class  misc. classes exams, meetings 
Teaching technology   all tools / remote site's  remote site's  all podium tools  depends on the room chalk or white board 
Outgoing video effects  all, incl. chromakey  only student cam       
Web encoding & archiving   all encoders  plus $275 for 1 encoder*    Zoom  
DVD mastering (for instructor)  yes  plus $275*       
Two-way videoconferencing  yes  yes    Zoom only   
Telephone conferencing   yes, LD charges add'l.      Zoom voip only  
Exam proctoring   $25 per hour add'l. $25 per hour add'l. $25 per hour add'l.  $25 per hour add'l.  
Classroom capacity   6 - 56 students
depending on particular room 
6 - 56 students
depending on particular room 
6 - 56 students
depending on particular room 
  6 - 56 students
depending on particular room
Nominal charge w/o extras*            
$$ per real time hour   $130 $65 $32 $130 n/c
$$ per 3-sem. cr. hr. class  $5500 $2750 $1375 $5500 n/c
  includes course lead-in         
transferral of class files onto server (from previously-recorded semesters     All files at one time - $400
Weekly file transferral - $800

Occasional pre-records, recordings for guest lecturers are included in above prices. All long distance phone charges, multiple files, etc. are an additional charge.

Other Rates

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