General Public Rates

Public Rates

Although course production is the VCC main focus, we do offer services to the general public on a space available basis.  Please see below for the type of service and rates.
Please note the following:

  • Sales tax applies unless proof of Missouri sales tax exemption is furnished. 
  • All rates apply to personal or business use.
  • Missouri S&T faculty, staff and students are allowed a 10% discount in all catagories.

Zoom web-based conferencing originating from a VCC Studio classroom at Missouri S&T. 
Rates for teleconferences held in a VCC Studio Classroom are $95.00/hour (basic rate) or $140.00/hour (full presentation multicamera rate).
A list of studio classrooms can be found in the services link above.
Zoom rates may be an additional charge.
After hours/weekend teleconferences add $30.00/hour

There are several Studio Classrooms that the VCC operates on the S&T campus. 
These classrooms are equipped for the following:

  • HD Streaming/Recording
  • Green Screen Fx
  • Zoom
  • 2-way VoIP
  • Phone Conferencing/Teleconferencing
  • Document Camera

These Studio Classrooms can be reserved for production when not in use for course production.
Rates are as follows:

  • Full camera production - $140.00/hour
  • One camera production - $95.00/hour
  • Multimedia Use only (staff assistance available) - $70.00/hour
  • 1/2 hour minimum charge for above services
  • After hours/weekend rates are double the above rates
  • Recording/Streaming of productions in VCC Studio Classrooms - $10.00/recording and/or link
  • Reservations should be made well before the event.
  • All reservations are charged a $30.00 fee.
    • Fee is applied to the total bill for the event.
    • If the event is cancelled less than 24 hours before event, the reservation fee is forfeited.

*  Effective November 1, 2016.