Options for Backing Up Your Course Materials

In a perfect world, computers would not break down and the information stored on them would always be available.  We all know that this is not a perfect world.  The VCC will do it's best to keep the same computer in each classroom for the entire semester, however once in a while, those podium computers fail and need to be replaced. At that time all files stored locally on that computer will be lost. This is why IT strongly suggests that important documents not be stored solely on the classroom computers. Below are some alternatives that we have identified for our Studio Classrooms.

Method of storage



Store in a folder on desktop of classroom podium computer.

The ultimate in easy accessibility

Crash or rebuild or replacement of computer may result in loss of all data

Store on a flash drive or personal external hard drive

Doesn’t require network or Internet; highly portable

Since small and portable, may get lost, damaged.  

May have USB interface problem.

Store “in the cloud” on Google Drive, Blackboard, Outlook, personal website, etc.

http://it.mst.edu/services/file-storage/google-drive/ for Google Drive

Can’t be lost like a flash drive, relatively high level of security from a hardware failure;  personal password-protected access; in some cases allows real-time moment-by-moment backup

Internet or campus network failure could make it inaccessible

Store on campus network mapped S:drive (now called “Individual Use Storage” )


Can’t be “lost” like a flash drive, relatively high level of security from a hardware failure;  more secure from prying eyes than “shared folder” method or department drive.

Address to get to S:drive might change without notice in some cases

Store on a “shared folder” on instructor’s office or personal computer

Can’t be lost or damaged as easily as flash drive; only requires that office/personal computer be on – doesn’t require being logged in.

Not very reliable if instructor’s office or personal computer is not within network;  power outage or office computer failure or campus network failure would make it unavailable

Remote connection to office or personal computer

Similar to shared folder

Same as for shared folder; may be slow; only cut-and-paste, but can email it to self.

Store on an appropriate folder in VCC-public (department drive) that has an icon right on the desktop

Can’t be lost like a flash drive, relatively high level of security from a hardware failure

campus network failure could make it inaccessible; not very private; VCC would have to set this up

Logging out of podium account, logging into personal account

Can’t be lost like flash drive, high level of security

Takes time, kills WebEx if it’s already going