The VCC Experience

paige sitting in a control room
VCC Media Production Specialist, Paige Eissinger, producing distance courses in the Butler Carlton Hall Control Room.

You can join class live from anywhere and interact with the classroom as if you are present.

The majority of courses we produce are graduate level making collaboration key to your learning success.

Can't participate live? The VCC records the courses for your viewing convenience.

We pride ourselves for exceptional customer service.

This is the VCC Experience.


Student Feedback

"The instructors, administrative staff, and technical support staff (VCC) were easy to contact and provided excellent assistance."

- Antreet Connor, distance student  

"I just recently completed my requirements for graduation for a MS in Engineering Management. I would like to tell you that my experience with Missouri University of Science and Technology's Distance and Continuing Education program has been absolutely fantastic! The instructors, administrative staff, and technical support staff (VCC) were easy to contact and provided excellent assistance when I needed it. Your staff is second to none, they are compassionate, patient, and understanding." - Antreet Connor, distance student

"I have heard about other distance programs from other universities and I believe (Missouri S&T) has the best. This feeling is mainly due to the support and ongoing encouragement from your staff. You should be proud of your operation!" - Fred Cannon, distance student

"You know, I don't think I would have made it, getting my masters degree, with any other online program. The fact that I could join on WebEx and participate during class, engaged me. I really felt a part of the class, and it helped me succeed. I don't think those other online courses where you work alone, on your own, would have worked for me." - Anonymous distance student

Professor Feedback

"Distance classes are so much easier for instructors because of the outstanding efforts of the VCC to make it easier. They, as usual, go out of their way to be helpful, to make sure instructors understand exactly what's needed, to lead and guide and hold hands or whatever it takes to make sure the distance classes get started smoothly and run smoothly." - Dr. Barry Flachsbart, Professor Business and Information Technology

"Working with the VCC is consistently a pleasure. I can only imagine how difficult distance education would be without the impeccable assistance and professional expertise that the VCC provides us." - Dr. Sahra Sedigh, Assistant Professor Computer Engineering

“I’ve actually found the experience of doing this work with [Missouri S&T] to be somewhat enlightening to me in my teaching because while we have done quite a lot of distance work in University of South Australia, we’ve been using an older technology. We advanced into it quite early in distance teaching, and we haven’t done very much with the real-time class connection, and I’ve found that that has been quite a significant improvement on using a document based system. So that prior to the teaching which I’ve done here, my only experience of distance teaching has been setting things up on the equivalent of a Blackboard site and hoping it all happens. I’ve found it quite different to actually give a class because that keeps everybody’s attention on the fact that time is going by, and I think that that is one of the difficulties that distance students have had, in my experience. That they seem to have it too easy to let time slip by. They got busy at the office this week and they got busy at the office again next week, and suddenly they discover that half the course has gone by and they can’t catch up. Whereas having a real-time class does keep some immediacy of a need to keep working at the course.” -Dr. Timothy Ferris, former Associate Adjunct Professor Engineering Management/Systems Engineering, Missouri S&T; Associate Director: Teaching and Learning, University of South Australia